Principal's Message

Capt. Christudass Pillai

Our school is built to serve the humanity. Everything on this earth has a purpose and that purpose is to service, to be useful and to bring some benefit to somebody.

“Look Ahead ! March Ahead”

Looking back at the past is always a pleasant experience, especially recollecting childhood days, days of growth, hope, confidence and achievements.

VMS has made big strides and a bright future lies ahead. Success comes only through hard work coupled with sincerity and dedication. “What is learnt in the cradle will go up to the grave” is a saying in Tamil. We should mould the children at young age.

Hard work and success go hand in hand. But the school is made only with its sincere, dedicated self disciplined highly motivated staff. With this infrastructure our school has made great strides in importing quality education to the young people and to become the citizens of India.

When the goal and aim of Education is changing so fast from age to age and from decade to decade and inviting work of the teaching and non teaching staff. And as we know that Education is an all- round drawing out of the best in a child, body, mind and spirit the youth here under the guidance of qualified persons, gradually discover the meaning of life and learn how to live up to the human and spiritual values that will make them a worthy citizens of tomorrow.

  • A body of optimum health and strength
  • A mind well disciplined clear and calm;
  • An intellect as sharp as a razor
  • A will as strong and pliable as steel
  • A heart full of unconditional love and compassion
  • An ego as pure as crystal
  • A life filled with supreme peace and joy
  • And will to serve selflessly
  • If we have these objectives,
  • we can start anything and achieve everything.
  • The lives of great men all remind us that,
  • we can make our own lives sublime.
  • And their departing leaves behind us,
  • foot prints stands of time.

May today’s success be the
Beginning of tomorrow’s achievement.
(Capt. Christudass Pillai)

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